I  Love the people I photograph, I mean, they're my friends - Ive never met most of them or I don't know them at all, Yet through my images I live with them.

- Bruce Gilden -


Working Together

Becoming Part of Your Birth Team

A Birth Photographer is so much more than just the person taking photos. A birth photographer is an integral part of your birth team.

I am part of your support system, a friendly face to look to when you think you can't do it, because you know, that I know, you can. We have spent hours talking about your beliefs and your strengths, and I know you.  I am a support to your husband when he has no idea what he should be doing, so he can hold your hand rather than you holding his.

I am there when you need me, and when you don't, I fade back into the shadows, all the while finding the details you will want to remember.


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