“I want to thank Mrs. Ashley for everything she did in helping my daughter through her labor. My daughter didn’t want to be touched or spoken to during her contractions. Ashley knew just what to say and suggested methods to use during contractions. She is truly amazing and knowledgeable. She came in as a photographer and ended up being a part of her support group. Thank you so much. You are wonderful at what you do. She is excited to see the final results of the pictures. I highly recommend her.”


About a month before my birth I decided I wanted birth photography and Ashley reached out and made herself available to be there the day our daughter was born. We didn't have a birth photographer with our first born and now after seeing these photos of my daughter's birth I'm so sad we didn't do them for our son. While you're in labor you often go into an out of body experience and the day can be a hazy memory, Ashley captured the moments so beautifully and we will cherish them forever. She also respects the birth space and doesn't interfere in anyway which is so important when giving birth. Thank you again for being part of our day!


"I was hesitant to get birth pictures done for lots of reasons. First both me and my husband were nervous about making the delivery room more uncomfortable. I didn't want extra people in the room. I didn't want to have to feel like I should smile and pose while I was laboring. I didn't want unpleasant pictures. I didn't want vaginal shots. I talked with Ashley about my concerns, and she reassured me that she could get pictures I would be happy with. And she did. She was nearly invisible. She never asked anyone for a particular pose during labor. She never was in the way of anyone. She would get something if I asked her, but otherwise stayed in the shadow. I hardly realized she was there. She worked well with our doula.

She did a great job of listening to my concerns and preparing ahead of time to get pictures of exactly what I wanted. She is flexible enough to create great pictures based on what a couple wants, rather than the same shots for every single birth. I love having the memory to look back on. I love that they are tactful enough that I can show people without feeling embarrassed. I love that the first few breaths of my baby are captured in professional quality photos, rather than the fussy cell phone shots of my previous babies.  I am so happy I had Ashley photograph just about the biggest accomplishment of my life."


"I could not have been happier with my experience with Ashley as my birth photographer. As a rather private person, I initially had hesitancy considering birth photography. Upon reviewing images from a friend who had her birth documented by Ashley, I was impressed by the sensitivity and artistry she provided in each image.

Throughout my entire session, I felt so at ease and comfortable with Ashley in the room. During the active phase of labor during my daughter's delivery, I didn't even notice that she was taking pictures and I was able to focus on immersing myself in the birth. She did not interfere with any of the medical staff's work, but was actively engaged in capturing even the tiniest details in her pictures.


"Working with Ashley was a delight. I have been skeptical about birth photography because it often looks posed and I worry it takes away from the experience by having others in the room. Ashley is not that kind of a photographer. She captured the beauty of the moment and nothing was posed or fake. Everyone felt very comfortable with her in the room and she got great shots of my husband and daughter that I absolutely love! She was also incredibly fast at getting the pictures to us so that we could make our announcement to friends that day. Ashley is an incredible photographer and I would highly recommend working with her for any type of shoot."