Motherhood Raw: Jenny

Originally, my idea for my motherhood series was a C-section Mom Empowerment Project. But when I was contacted and told about Jenny and her story I knew this passion project was going to be more.

I have been apart of the infant loss community for a short while honestly, but it is a work that means so much to me. I’ve met the most incredible mothers! Women full of strength and beauty. Women that while I will never truly be able to empathize with their pain, I will forever hold in my heart.

While Jennys daughter only lived a short while, her memory has lived on, not just with her family, but with complete strangers through Jenny’s selfless heart. Jenny has been pumping milk for an entire year and donating it to any other family.

Jenny wanted to document her motherhood, so I asked her to bring items that were important to her she brought a bear that played her daughters heartbeat, a photo, and the last 2 oz of milk she pumped while her daughter was still alive.

Here is Jenny’s story-

“Long before I was ever pregnant, I did my research on OB’s. I wanted a vaginal birth but also knew the safest birth for my unborn child was my goal. I made sure to choose a doctor that had a low c-section rate but was also a great surgeon just in case.

I found out I was pregnant June 30, 2017 with an at home pregnancy test. I was ecstatic! My husband & I had tried very briefly to get pregnant. At 25 weeks we found out our daughter was growth restricted with a grim outlook. We stayed as positive as we could. At 30 weeks 3 days, it was time to deliver her due to reverse flow in her umbilical cord. The best chance for a live baby was a C-section. We, along with our doctors, chose the best option for her to survive birth. She lived for 6 days and her tiny body could fight no more. We left the hospital as parents with no baby.

Motherhood doesn’t fit a cookie cutter shape. Some babies are born vaginally, some by C-section. Some babies are born through adoption, fostering or surrogacy. Some babies aren’t considered born at all. C-section scars like motherhood all look differently”.